Wednesday, October 6, 2010

September Grocery Totals!

Okay so I'm going to finally tally up my receipts from the rest of Sept for a final total.   Current at mid month I had spent $162.42.

Following that I had spent 48.23 at Shoprite.   I had a date night with my husband and I made sure I hit the Shoprite BEFORE the sale ended! LOL    I got a few good deals, I know he was bored, but is proud of me and how I can  bargain shop with the best of them.  This wasn't a huge savings trip, but I only spent a minimal amount for a good amount of groceries.

I did hit the gas station and buy 2 gallons of milk. That came to 5.36.

I had 2 trips to Walmart.  On one trip I spent 52.87 and on another I spent 24.45.

That brings my total for these 4 receipts$130.91

My total spent on ONLY Groceries  is  $293.33.

Not bad!!  I fed a family of 5 for less than $300 for the month of Sept!  I'm quite positive that I won't do that again for Oct, but I will try.  I may be closer to $400, but I vow to NOT spend more than that.  

Have you added up your receipts lately to see how your doing??  HOW are you doing??

Have a great day!

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