Thursday, May 19, 2011

Product Review: Crayola Color Coolerz

I found these at Walmart, and decided to try them out.

They cost 1.50 for a pack of 8  at Walmart.   Of course the kids were excited to see them, something different, something fun.  I sent them in lunch boxes, and to sports with them.  They are the perfect amount, not to much, not too little. 

They are essentially flavored waters, with colors added.  They come in 4 colors, Blue, Green, Red, and Purple.  (They have corresponding flavors of course)   I liked them.  I liked that they are sweetened with sucrolose instead of sugar,  there are no calories, AND, they are vitamin enhanced.

This is a nice, fun and frugal alternative to plain water!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I just (DUH!) caught on to this one!! LOL

In the May 1 inserts, there was a Pepsi insert, that has a Propel Coupon.   Save $1 when you buy either 1Propel, OR Propel Zero 6pk.

Propel singles are .50 at Walmart.  According to Walmart's NEW  coupon policy, they now  pay overages.   So here is your deal:

2 single bottles of Propel at .50 each = $1.00

Use your $1 off any propel coupon and pay nothing. Final cost, FREE! I have 3 coupons, thats 6 FREE bottles!! WOOHOO!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good Morning and Happy Mother's day!

Hoping all my favorite mommies are having a fantastic morning!!   Hope you are all getting breakfast in bed and lots of beautiful handmade cards.  Because YOU deserve it!!    Being a mom is hard business,  coming from a mom who's 11 year old has started puberty and I've been considering moving out to avoid her. LMAO!!!

SO far I got coffee made for me, a dozen donuts,  a chocolate bar, and a bag full of stuff my 9 year old made me in school.  She gave me a tea bag in a paper teacup, a card, and a potpourri  jar. And 3 coupons, I love coupns! LOL  I'll be getting a free bathroom cleaning, laundry folding, and HER room cleaned. ;) Love my girly!

  (I havn;t gotten anything else yet, but Bud Bud is still sleeping and moody 11 year old raided my donuts. LOL)