Friday, September 24, 2010

I did it!

So here is my announcement, I've lost the first 10 lbs!!  Isn't that exciting??  LOL It is to me!   I have 1 month left to lose another 10 lbs.  

I really thought this would be much easier, or that it wouldn't take as long as it did, but I did it.  I lost 10 lbs off this frame of mine.    Of course it would probably come off easier if I was exercising more, or if I actually made a bigger effort.   Hey one thing at a time! LOL

One King's Lane, its worth a look!

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there are some great deals to check out for less than $15, you will end up getting them for free!
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So far I've found a Bamboo cutting board set and a Sigg water bottle, that would be FREE after you use your $15 credit.  You must check this out!  Either would make a great gift for Christmas or to keep for youself. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grocery Budget update #1

Okay!  Remember this month I'm keeping full track of my grocery budget so I know exactly how much I spent this month.   At my last tally, I was at   $120.65 and that was last week.

Things were tight this week, I only got to go out 1 time.  I went to Shoprite and bought sale items and combines my coupons with the sale like I always do.  I managed to get Fruitables for 1.89 which is cheaper than Capri Suns.   In some of the Fruitables, they have coupons for .55 off.  This week Fruitables were marked down to 2.99, I used the .55 coupon  and they doubled it, taking $1.10 off them, for a final price of 1.89.   Thats WAY cheaper than I would have paid at Walmart!

I also got some more chicken, they had leg quarters for .69lb,  That made a great dinner this week.  I steamed/parboiled them before baking them in my oven.  I created a stock when I did that, which I saved and used to make a fantastic Chicken noodle soup.   Can you beat THAT for .69lb????

I also got a tip from the guy stocking the produce, always pick from the right.  The older stuff gets moved to the back and the left, (why would you move it BACK???)  so if you want fresh, make sure you pick from the right.   I got some baby carrots 1.50 for the 1lb bag, a cuke, a pepper and some tomatoes.  They had a sale on Shoprite Deli ham, AND Carolina honey Turkey, I got a lb of each for 2.99 per pound, took it home and froze it. 

I specifically buy the bread when I go there, its always .99 a loaf for the enriched white bread, but this week they finally raised the prices on it.  Its back up to 1.19 so I only got 3 loaves.  That is STILL cheaper than Walmart who charges 1.24 for a loaf of bread, and if they are sold out, you are stuck buying  another brand that is more than $2 a loaf.  I hate that. LOL I always make sure I buy up to 4 loaves at Shoprite, no matter what and freeze them. 

I also got Ice cream, 3 Ragu for .58 a jar after coupon,  and many other goodies.  In the end I spent 41.77. I added that to my 120.65 for a mid month total of  162.42.     Not to bad YET. 

What do you think?

Have a great day!

Shoprite Deals 9/15-9/25

I havn't checked the other blogs yet to see what else is on sale, but Holy Moly!  I already see a bunch of great deals BEFORE coupons!!!  These are deals you can NOT miss.

Here first are some NONCoupon deals.  These deals I can't find a coupon for, but you don't need one cuz they are already at a great price!

Friendly's Ice cream 1.99
Eastern White 5lb bag Potatoes .99
Cantaloupe .99 EACH (limit 2)
Yellow Onions 3lb bag .99
Bartlett pears .49lb
Philadelphia cream cheese .99 each
Chicken of the Sea Solid White Tuna .99 each
Perdue Boneless Chix Breast 1.99lb
Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster .79
Peter Pan 3pk PB 2.99 (that's less than $1 per jar)
Gatorade or Propel .69 each (limit 4)
Shoprite Zipper sandwich bags .99
(Most of these items have limits, I didn't list all of them, you'll see them in your own flyer or on the shelf marker)

Get your Kellogg's coupon ready, HUGE Kellogg's sale.  Many items on sale for 1.99 including cereal, pop tarts, cookies, and crackers.

This weeks flyer has some GREAT Super Coupons .  This means you need to spend $15 before you can use them. Spending $15 will be easy to do based on the great deals I already posted. Once you do that, you can use the coupon and get:
Iceberg Lettuce for .49
The Perdue chix breast you already bought will now go down in price with coupon to .99lb.
Florida's Naturals OJ .99
Pepsi 2Lts products are 5 for $3!
NOTE: You will not find Super coupons IN store.  You can only find them in the circulars sent to your house, either through your sunday paper, or in any mailings you get including the circular.

I'll update as soon as I find some great coupon matches, be ready and check back!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weight ain't nuthin' but a number....


I'd like to think so, but I don't know anymore. Why is it SO hard to lose 1 whole pound? 

I got the news from my Dr back in June, I needed to lose weight. He challenged me to try and lose about 20 lbs by Nov1.  NO problem!  So I thought. How hard could that be?? If I lost 5 lbs a month until my appt, I would be MORE than the 20lb I needed to lose.  Its got to be easy to lose 5 lbs in a month.  Yeah right!!

The first month of June and July, I JUST about lost the first 5 lbs. I went from 171 to 166.  I was so impressed with myself, but also realized this was going to take more effort that I thought.  I spent a lot  of time walking, I walked miles every night. I was watching my diet, cut out the junk, the pizza, the good stuff, and I only lost 5lbs. In the following days I was able to lose another 3lbs, for a total of 8lbs.  I was on my way, thought it was MUCH harder than I thought it would be. 

The month of August was horrid.  We had 100 degree days for almost the entire month. There was NO way I was walking in that heat.  My daughter started cheerleading and I volunteered to be the assistant coach  so most of my nights were now consumed with activities.  I became team mom for my son's soccer team.  My husband can't understand why I'm so unavailable right now LOL, I'm busy!  My only free day is now Friday, no practices, no games.  My kids get home from school and I have supper on the table for them with in the hour, they have to eat to get ready for the nightly activities.  I have NO time left for ME anymore. 

My diet and weight loss journey went by the wayside.  I just gave up. My clothes are tight again.  I'm thinking the worst and just don't care.  This morning I started thinking about it, and can't understand why this is so hard.  And my appointment is now only 2 months away.  Yikes!  SO I got out the scale stepped on it and prepared for the worst.  To my surprise, my weight is the same!  Okay that's a lie, I gained back 1lb, I'm at 164.  So I still have a 7lb weight loss.  I'm slightly inspired again, I'd love to just get back in the grove now that the kids are in school all day, and the weather has cooled. 

So really, is weight only a number? I like to think so, I mean how hard can it be to go from 164 to 159?  Apparently, much harder than I thought it was.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Do you 'Groupon'?

By now you must have heard of Groupon.  Its collective buying power.    When you sign up for Groupon, they send you a daily deal to your inbox each day. The more people that purchase the groupons, the more likely they will send out more and better deals.  The more that buy, the higher the discounts.  If you have checked this out, this is something you need to get in on!  You never know what might come through your inbox.   Its completely FREE to join, you only pay when you purchase the groupon.

Today's deal of the day for Hartford groupon is a $10 ticket for entrance into Old Sturbridge village.  A regular ticket costs $26, so this is a savings of $16! I think you can purchase more than 1.  This is a deal that can not be missed!  Don't forget to check it out!

If you do plan on joining and purchasing this groupon, please do so through THIS LINK.  I get $10 for each person I refer that purchases their first groupon.  Once you join, get your own referrals and get $10 each time they purchase groupons as well. 

Have a great day!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Grocery Budget

Have you ever sat down and wondered, really wondered what you spend on groceries each month?   Do you think you could do better?  Should you spend more?   I decided to put myself to the test and see how much I spend this month and how much I actually SAVE using my coupons. 

For me, I'm a stocker upper, meaning I buy what I can for a super low price then put it away for when its needed.   So sometimes my bill is a bit on the high side, but I'm buying ahead. It evens out as sometimes I'll have a really low bill, just buying what I need because I've bought ahead previously.

I havn't had a huge shopping trip yet, but I've a few little ones.  Some I spent cash, some I used my debit card.  So here are my totals so far:

On Sept 1, I went to Better Valu and bought 2 steaks, a package of chicken drumsticks, a lb of grapes, 1 container of Hood Sour cream, and 2 packages of Bologna. My total was 17.68. I didn't use any coupons.

On Sept 6, I went to Walmart and bought several items I needed.  My total there for 8 items was 15.58. I didn't use any coupons on this trip either.

Yesterday, I did my weekly shopping, I went to Shoprite.  I had a bunch of coupons, some really great ones that got me a bunch of items for less than $1.  Love those! I usually only shop sale items too, you'll find that when you do that, alot of the items you need are cheaper than Walmart! For instance, Shoprite has loaves of enriched white bread for .99!  Yesterday, they were on sale for .88.  Thier 'regular' price  for certain items is better than those big box stores, and its worth the trip!  SO I spent $52 there (I don't have my reciept in front of me), and I think I save around $45 with coupons and store sales.

Finally, I popped into Walmart to get a few items I needed there.  I got lunch meat, yogurt, cat food, litter, and a few other items, my total there was 35.39.  I saved .50 with one coupon.

So far my total spent for the month of Sept is  $120.65.  I am on the 10th day of Sept, I've got 3 more weeks to go.  How much do you think I will spend for the month?? How much do you think I can save???
Let me know what you think!

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

FYI Counterfiet Coupons

Hey folks!!

Just a quick heads up that if  you printed a coupon from RAYOVAC's Facebook page, it is probably fraudulent. 

I just got back from Shoprite where the coupon would not scan, and the manager identified it as a fraudulent coupon.  I ended up returning  the batteries I was going to buy, the only reason I was getting them was because they were free after coupon.

Be careful out there folks!!  Can't even have coupons without someone ruining it for everyone!!!

Have a great day. ;)

Check Shoprite this week for some great cereal deals!

This week shoprite has select General Mills cereals for 1.99.

Cinnamon toast crunch
Reece Puffs
Apple cinnamon or Honey Nut Cheerios
Cocoa Puffs or combos

Print these coupons for .55 and after doubling, the coupon value is 1.10, making your cereal .89!

This one let me print 2 Bricks coupons for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, click HERE.

Get .55 off Reece's Puffs (before doubling) HERE

This one might help too:Save $1/2 GM cereals

So GO stock up on cereal today! 

Enjoy! Have a great day!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earl, you were nothing but a big wind

:oP~~~~~ That's me blowing raspberries at 'Hurricane Earl',   he was a whole lot of nothing. He gave us a big threat, but in the end proved to be nothing but a big wimp, a nothing, a nobody. LOL

We saw him coming up the coast.  On Tuesday, they told us to prepare for a major hurricane, he was a Cat 5.  He was expected to come right over Connecticut.  I posted on Facebook to all my local friends," please make sure you prepare NOW.  If you wait until the storm is right on top of us, you will be out of luck, the stores will be sold out". I even told them what to buy, batteries,  water, nonperishable food, and make sure they had working flashlights.  I myself ran to the store and bought a few things I knew we needed, minus the batteries cuz I wasn't sure   what I needed, sometimes my husband buys them ahead and puts them away for me. I checked, the rayovac batteries were .97 and with my $1 off coupons, they would be FREE. 

By Wednesday evening, they were telling us he was downgraded, but we would still get a pretty big storm. It wouldn't be a direct hit, but we would get the 'frindge effects' of the nasty wind and rain, be prepared for outages.    

 By Thursday, the weather bureau issued a Tropical Storm watch.  We were no longer waiting for a hurricane, but now waiting for a rather large tropical storm.  Power outages were predicted.  Lots of rain, and lots of wind.   I remember the batteries, and ran down to Walmart on Thursday night only discover they were sold out of everything.  I ran to the back to get some more  water, completely sold out as well.   Then I ran into the candle isle, luckily, I was able to get candles.   I ended up running into Home Depot next door and got the last 12 pk of batteries, they ended up not being FREE, but $11!  ACK!   But at least I had them, that's what I get for waiting till the last minute. 

Our area prepared.  Kids were sent home early from school, it wasn't even raining yet.  The weathermen kept saying it wouldn't be as bad as they thought, but the tropical storm watch stayed in effect.  We cleaned up the yard, making sure all patio chairs and toys were put away so they wouldn't blow into the neighbors' yard.   The rain finally made its grand appearance around noontime, it was just a drizzle.  The 'real' rain didn't even start until after dark, so around 8pm, but there was hardly any wind. 

You talked a big talk Earl, but you ain't nothing!  We aren't afraid of you! 

Today's weather, Beautiful, sunny, breezy, and 75 degrees.   We beat YOU, Earl!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of summer....

Hello!   I truly hope that everyone has had a terrific summer!  Ours ended at 6am Monday morning, when I got my oldest daughter up to go to her first day of middle school.  My girl started 5th grade and in our town they run on the high school schedule.   We are on day 3, and she is still doing good at getting up, because she knows that if she doesn't or gives me a hard time, its bedtime at 7 for her! LOL  My 2 younger ones don't have to get up for another hour, but they seem to enjoy getting up earlier and I wish they could start earlier too.  They  get up and get going, eat their breakfast, get dressed, check their backpacks and they are ready to go LOOOOONG before its time for the bus. 

I really am enjoying my new life as a sahm with no kids during the day.  I've gotten so much accomplished, my house stays clean  for longer than a few minutes.  I love not having to issue time outs for fighting, I can watch my story uninterrupted. LOL   I have a feeling I'm going to be bored soon so I have thought about going to look for a pt job, but I'm not sure where I want to apply.  My schedule is very restrictive, I really can only work for a few hours during the day when my kids are gone and I can't work evenings or weekends.  My husband does not have a 9-5 work schedule like normal people so that leaves me hanging quite a bit and I can't rely on him.  He does have Sundays off all the time, but we have got to be a family at some point so I will not work that day.  I'm considering checking into Walmart or Target just for Mother's hours, if they will have me.  We'll see!  LOL

I will miss summer 2010. It was a hard one, financially for us, but we made it work.   Thanks to Swagbucks, I was able to even use some of the free money I earned to do stuff with the kids, such as take them to the beach, or the zoo.     Summer is God's gift to us for getting through these miserable New England winters, and we must always use it to the fullest.  I really enjoyed cookouts with my family, swimming in my mother's pool, going to the beach with friends, and enjoying walks and bike rides with my children.  Now as summer winds down and the madness of school and fall sports begin,  we'll always look back on these special days with fond memories.   Thanks for everything.

Have a great day!