Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grocery Budget update #1

Okay!  Remember this month I'm keeping full track of my grocery budget so I know exactly how much I spent this month.   At my last tally, I was at   $120.65 and that was last week.

Things were tight this week, I only got to go out 1 time.  I went to Shoprite and bought sale items and combines my coupons with the sale like I always do.  I managed to get Fruitables for 1.89 which is cheaper than Capri Suns.   In some of the Fruitables, they have coupons for .55 off.  This week Fruitables were marked down to 2.99, I used the .55 coupon  and they doubled it, taking $1.10 off them, for a final price of 1.89.   Thats WAY cheaper than I would have paid at Walmart!

I also got some more chicken, they had leg quarters for .69lb,  That made a great dinner this week.  I steamed/parboiled them before baking them in my oven.  I created a stock when I did that, which I saved and used to make a fantastic Chicken noodle soup.   Can you beat THAT for .69lb????

I also got a tip from the guy stocking the produce, always pick from the right.  The older stuff gets moved to the back and the left, (why would you move it BACK???)  so if you want fresh, make sure you pick from the right.   I got some baby carrots 1.50 for the 1lb bag, a cuke, a pepper and some tomatoes.  They had a sale on Shoprite Deli ham, AND Carolina honey Turkey, I got a lb of each for 2.99 per pound, took it home and froze it. 

I specifically buy the bread when I go there, its always .99 a loaf for the enriched white bread, but this week they finally raised the prices on it.  Its back up to 1.19 so I only got 3 loaves.  That is STILL cheaper than Walmart who charges 1.24 for a loaf of bread, and if they are sold out, you are stuck buying  another brand that is more than $2 a loaf.  I hate that. LOL I always make sure I buy up to 4 loaves at Shoprite, no matter what and freeze them. 

I also got Ice cream, 3 Ragu for .58 a jar after coupon,  and many other goodies.  In the end I spent 41.77. I added that to my 120.65 for a mid month total of  162.42.     Not to bad YET. 

What do you think?

Have a great day!

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