Friday, September 24, 2010

I did it!

So here is my announcement, I've lost the first 10 lbs!!  Isn't that exciting??  LOL It is to me!   I have 1 month left to lose another 10 lbs.  

I really thought this would be much easier, or that it wouldn't take as long as it did, but I did it.  I lost 10 lbs off this frame of mine.    Of course it would probably come off easier if I was exercising more, or if I actually made a bigger effort.   Hey one thing at a time! LOL


  1. 10 in a month? That's a lot! Good luck!


  2. Good for you!! I have 10 lbs. of baby weight to go and it just won't come off! frustrating, but I'm trying : ) Good luck with the next 10!