Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good Morning and Happy Mother's day!

Hoping all my favorite mommies are having a fantastic morning!!   Hope you are all getting breakfast in bed and lots of beautiful handmade cards.  Because YOU deserve it!!    Being a mom is hard business,  coming from a mom who's 11 year old has started puberty and I've been considering moving out to avoid her. LMAO!!!

SO far I got coffee made for me, a dozen donuts,  a chocolate bar, and a bag full of stuff my 9 year old made me in school.  She gave me a tea bag in a paper teacup, a card, and a potpourri  jar. And 3 coupons, I love coupns! LOL  I'll be getting a free bathroom cleaning, laundry folding, and HER room cleaned. ;) Love my girly!

  (I havn;t gotten anything else yet, but Bud Bud is still sleeping and moody 11 year old raided my donuts. LOL)

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