Friday, June 10, 2011

Shoprite Deals 6/12-6/18

If you don't get the flyer in the mail, you will want to pick up the Sunday Paper this week to make sure you get the Shoprite flyer.  There are 2 Super Coupons that you will only get at home, they will not be there if you pick the flyer up instore.

The first Supercoupon is  Friendly's Ice Cream for .99.  Must spend $15  and Limit one. Since this is a store coupon, you can stack it with another coupon and possibly get your ice cream FREE. 

The other coupon is the Sweet Cantaloupe for .49! Limit one, and must spend $15 also.

There is a 3rd coupon that might work with a deal, but I think you can stack coupons with this one too.  Charmin Big Rolls 24pk OR Bounty 15pk for 8.99.  Limit one offer, and must spend $15.

With these couopns, after you spend $15, you can use all 3, you don't have to spend $15 for each one.    Still working on finding more deals, they are in there but I gotta find them. 

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