Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun with Texts

Saturday night I was work.  Working a long day can get boring, but I like my job so its not a big deal.   All of a sudden, my phone starts ringing that I have a new text message.  It read: Hey Vinny!  Its Meg.  I got a new phone and this is my new number.  Call me!"

Now, any other person would have just texted her back, "sorry, wrong number", but I work with KIDS, teenagers who saw this as a potential for great fun for the evening. LOL  They insisted I text her back and pretend I was 'Vinny'.   Now what would Vinny say back to her?   The best I came up with was "Thanks Hunny".  Now, don't you think that would raise some flags with  Meg that her 'Vinny' answered her with such a girly way?? LOL  Unless Vinny goes  that way, who knows?? I don't even know him. LOL

She texts back, really just creating more fodder for my coworkers who are now hysterical that this is going down.  Her next text says "YW!  How r u?" To which I answer "GREAT!  Kids are great too!"  "Hahahaha what kids?"  UH DUH MEG.  At this point I'm thinking, time to give it up,  I'm not gonna do this, come on Meg, you  must have figured this out by now. Kids, really??? LOL!  But at my coworkers urgings, I text back "Oh I'm just kidding. Haha.  What are you doing?"  Now keep in mind, I'm using proper grammar, full spellings of works, the works.  Nothing! She is pretty dense.  I'd have red flags going up everywhere! LOL Conversation continues: she's relaxing, had to be to work for 6 this morning.  What am I doing?  I answer "Working".  then "Went to the casino last night"  "Drank all night.  Got sick. Won $100. Going back tonight"  LMAO!!

The conversation keeps going, she tells me how awesome it is that I went out last night,  and it got to the point where I pretty much convinced her to meet me at Margaritaville.  By now, my coworkers are practically on the floor, rolling around with tears in their eyes, they are laughing so hard.  But my conscience finally got the better of me and after about 12 texts back and forth I decided it was time to give it up.  So I texted her back "I gotta tell ya.  I have NO idea who you are.  I am not Vinny. I have been messing with you this whole time. You sound cute though, meet me anyway". LOL  She says "Your not Vinny, who are you?"  "Lets just say my name isn't Vinny, and I'm not a guy.  My coworkers and I just had a blast with this, thank you!!"  

Now I'm just feeling guilty. Well kinda.  I still can't believe she never figured it out.  To my 'thank you', she says "Wow, I'm glad I could do that for you...."   I said "I thought you would have figured this out long before now! You just kept going.  But it made for a good laugh.  Anyway, don't know Vinny, you have a wrong number, and have a good night"

I thought for sure I would get a text blasting me, telling me what a horrible person I was, how could I impersonate someone I don't even know, blah blah blah, but to my surprise, she said back to me "
U to hun, it was funny"

It was as good for her as it was for us.  

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