Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why I've been so MIA around here....

I'm not abandoning my blog, I've just been SOOO busy I havn't had time to keep up!

First my  laptop had to go in for some repairs, the fan died on it and the screws started coming out of the hinge connecting the screen to the  keyboard.   I brought it to the Geek Squad who basically told me he had NO idea what to do, and he could send it out.  I asked him if it would be covered under manufacturers warranty, he still had no idea.  Told me probably not.  I asked him if they replaced the fan, about how much would that cost me?  He had no idea, but offered to send it out for me and none of it would probably be covered under warranty.  Say What???   I had a friend with me who asked if they could fix a loose key on her keyboard instore and he said NO, they would have to send it out.  We looked at each other and basically asked, 'UH, what exactly does the 'Geek Squad' do here????  You can't fix anything, you can't tell me anything, you basically know NOTHING.  Why do you work here?' 

It was at that point that I made a decision to get a desktop computer for the kids.  First, it would be a good idea to have any extra computer in the house, since my laptop is basically the only one.  The kids use it nonstop and thats probably how the hinge broke on it in the first place.  And my sympathetic husband says "Oh well!  Thats your problem!   You let them use your computer! Blah blah blah...."  My second issue was at the moment my computer had to go out for repairs,  Samantha had a project due she needed to do some research for and print out pictures (and printing at the library costs MONEY people! plus they only print in black and white there) .  I thought we at least should have something available for the kids to do thier school work on, and not rely on MY laptop all the time. Finally, Meghan will be starting 6th grade in the fall.  As far as I've been told, a great portion of her homework will be computer work.  So doesn't it make sense to have a second computer available for the kids for when they 'need' it?  My husband didn't agree and told me NO.  I did it anyway, anyone who knows me knows a simple 'NO' won't stop me when I want something. HA. LOL  Uh yeah, he almost filed for divorce he was pretty upset with me.   Oh well, thats another story for another day.

As my story continues.... I went to do laundry on Sunday night, getting ready for another busy week.  I got through 2 loads, and was getting ready to start the 3rd when my dryer just died.  I told my husband, 'please go look at it, I'm gonna have a meltdown, you know I am!' LOL  He went to look at it, told me its not worth fixing again.  We  already fixed it 3 times,  we could smell something burning on it.  He told me to just go buy a new one.  Oh Yippee, not what I wanted to hear, but whatever. There are 5 people living in this house, I NEED a working washer and dryer.   SO I went to Home Depot and found a nice PAIR, (even though there is nothing wrong with my washer, it was still a good price so I figured why not) .  The problem is that because the set was on clearance,  they didn't do delievery or haul away.  If I wanted the clearance price I would have had to pay the delievery fee or get pick up myself.  I figured we could figure it out and I purchased the pair.  Again, I screwed up, my husband was upset with me because how are we going to pick up? We don't have a truck.  And how is he going to get it down in the basement?? Both pieces?? And then what is he going to do with them???   Oh for crying out loud!!!  You can't find someone with a truck who can help you??  He said "You can't just ASSUME that someone with a truck will have the time to help us IF they wanted to!" SO he went down to home depot and canceled my order. Grrrrrrr! 

The next day, we went looking and we finally found a dryer we liked at Keith's Appliances out in Norwich.   Good price, its a GE, its nothing real fancy, but hey; I'm not taking them out to show them off, they are gonna be in my basement. I just need to dry my clothes!   LOL  But, once again, there is no free delivery, we would have to pay a $59 fee to have it delivered.  What do my husband say?? "OH NO problem!  I'll just take the seats out of my van and come down and pick it up myself."   What???????  But when I wanted the SET from Home Depot, that was a problem????  Oh. Em. Gee.   He's all mine folks!!!    Keep your paws to yourself ladies.

Finally got my laptop back from  the 'Geek Squad'.  They ended up not charging me a thing.  The guy working there was like, 'Really?'  Same guy that checked me in and had no clue.  He just kept saying 'I can't believe they did it all for free.....'   BUDDY, you have NO clue, you need to GET a clue.  As I told you when I brought my laptop to your 'Geek Squad' (which apparently is a bunch of geeks that have NO clue!)   it should all be covered under manufacturer  warranty as it wasn't a year since I bought it yet.  HELLO??? Can you hear me now??? Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth??   **Shaking head**

I've been busy this week, that was pretty much it in a nutshell.  Don't be jealous of my glamorous life.

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