Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Creating a weekly menu with Themes

Okay here is what I came up with,  and I'd love suggestions here!   For Tackle it Tuesday (yes I know its Wednesday!) , the idea was to create a menu for one week. I'd like to create a rotating schedule so we don't have the same thing all the time, but so that I'm not constantly trying to be creative.  (That gets old to me LOL)

SO I came up with idea, to do a theme each day.  I also thought it would be a good way to get the kids involved, Meghan was helping me come up with ideas for this.  Here is what we came up with so far, now we just need recipes and meals to go with our themes.  That's the next step.

Meatless Monday: All meals will be created without MEAT.  SO vegetable lasagna,    bean burritos, breakfast meals, quiche.

Taco Tuesday:  I don't know why I came up with this, probably because Taco and Tuesday both begin with a T. LOL   Not sure how this one will work out,  but Mexican themed meals, like Taco, Taco bake,  burritos, fajitas, or whatever.  this one may change, if you can help me think of another 'T' word! LOL

White Meat Wednesday: I think this one is self explanatory.  All meals will contain some sort of white meat, chicken, pork, or fish.

Three Course Meal Thursday.  I think the kids will like this one the best, there will be 3 courses to this meal.  A salad, main entree, and a dessert.   We never do desserts, and I always serve a salad WITH a meal. LOL  Not before!  Haha!

Free Friday:  This will be pretty much whatever, pizza, Chinese takeout, or whatever we want.

Daddy's Saturdays:  I'm leaving it up to Daddy.  Since I work on Saturdays, I don't care what he does! LOL

Special Sunday:  Sunday is usually our 'family' day, I get out of work at 2, so it can be a roast type big meal.  Though Daddy likes to have Steak and Salad on Sunday.

Any other suggestions???  I need to make a plan  for when I go grocery shopping this week.

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