Friday, February 4, 2011

Free CoffeeMate today only

Woohoo!  I love my coffee and its even better with a little bit of liquid heaven! LOL   I'll never use milk and sugar again.  And to be honest, there are usually so many deals on coffee creamer, that I will always have it on hand.  Its not as expensive as what people might think it is, quite often I get it for free with coupons  and pay nothing.  And I'm not a snob, I will get whatever I can with coupons, doesn't matter on the brand for me.  Coffeemate, International Delights, and Bailey's are the top ones you can get free or very very cheap after coupons.  Every week, one of them are on sale at Shoprite!  You can store this, even though it says on the bottle, Do not freeze, you can freeze it.  SO If its on sale and I have the coupons, I'll buy ahead and freeze them.

There are many more uses for coffee creamer other than just flavoring your coffee, you can use it in your baking too.  Where it says to add milk, add some french Vanilla cream for a different flavor.   And some people use it in their regular cooking, use it instead of milk in your mashed potatoes.

SO check in today and get your FREE Coffeemate at 12pm EST, 9am PST, and get one of 100K coupons for a FREE bottle of Coffeemate creamer! 

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