Monday, July 5, 2010

I can do that, even better!

When my girls were little, I remember seeing all those beautiful boutique style outfits and then cringing when I saw the price tag. I just couldn't believe what people were getting for these outfits on ebay and other places. But I wanted my girls to look 'matchy matchy' and cute. What to do?? Such a dilemma.

I did the next best thing.

I dusted off the sewing machine and got to work! I went to Walmart and picked out some cute patterns, this was the days when Walmart still sold fabrics and patterns. I could get cute fabrics for around $1 a yard. I modified the patterns to what I wanted and made my girls the cutest outfits! Ruffly shirts with cute pants that had ruffled cuffs. I made dresses, shorts, and in all thier favorite characters.I made pillowcase dresses with ruffly ribbon. They loved it!

I went even further. I learned how to make furry flip flops, those were a huge hit! They wore them everywhere. I learned how to make my own bows, headbands, hair clips, you name it, I did it! No need to pay retail for any of it, I did it all myself, and it was so much cheaper. Everywhere I went, I got compliments on their clothes, and how they always looked like little girls and not miniature teenagers. I loved it.

I got to a point where I was even whipping up some cute items and selling them on ebay and on the message boards. I was even making money doing this! This was quite the racket. But as always, all good things must come to an end. My girls decided they didn't like to be 'cute' anymore and it wasn't cool to wear my stuff. They would fight me to even put a simple clip in their hair, it got to a point where I had to pick my battles and this one wasn't worth it anymore. Walmart closed up their fabric departments, so I decided I was done with the sewing. Its been a while since I even started up the sewing machine even to do a simple hem.

I still do make bows, I make them occasionally for my daughter's cheer leading squad. At least they still appreciate me! LOL

I think you can get my point. There is always a way to do something better and cheaper. You don't always have to rely on retail to get what you want. It might not be clothes for your little princess, or hair bows, but there is always something you can do to cut costs. And sometimes it works more to your benefit that you could ever realize.

Have a great night!

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