Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time to put on the swim suit, ugh

After my last trip to the Dr, it was decided that I should try to lose about 40lb total, more if I can. He wants me to try and lose 20 lbs by Nov 1. It ambitious to say the least. I made a deal with myself, I would try to lose 5lbs every month to try and keep my goal attainable. I should probably add that I'm only 5ft high, so 170lbs on my frame is not healthy. For the month of June, I did it! I lost 5 lbs! I went from 170lbs to 165.

Losing weight in the summer is probably the hardest thing I have done. I can't really afford a gym membership so I try to exercise on my own. I have been trying to get a 1 hour walk in once a day, while watching my calories. Over the last week though, I have turned into a slug again. I can literally feel the weight attaching itself back onto my body. I need to lose the weight I've regained, but I also need to lose the 5lbs for July. It seems so daunting. And today's weather is supposed to be 102 in New England, SO not walking weather. Time to check Freecycle and see if anyone has a treadmill to give away!

I'm to the point where I don't even want to put on my swimsuit. Everyone in my family thinks I'm ridiculous and I probably am, but I can't bear to look at myself in a swim suit right now. I'm a top heavy person, always have been. I have wide hips from birthing 3 children. I'm short. I tried a suit on last week and I looked like a cartoon character! I was just mortified, and I was only looking at myself in a mirror, in the privacy of my own home. Today though, we are going to the beach. Oh Lord help me!

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