Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Swagbucks update...

I can't stop raving about swagbucks!!  Sorry! LOL    But once I tell you this, you'll know why!

What is swagbucks??  click the label on the side that says Swagbucks, or click my swidget to find out more.   Basically, I get  paid to search the web,  play games, and use my coupons.   Is that all bad?? HECK NO.  I get paid in Swagbucks, that I turn into Amazon Gift Cards, and buy FREE groceries,  Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts and more.

So check this out,   some  recent pictures of items I've been credited for:

On their site, under Earn, there a link for coupons.  This link takes you to, and you can print any coupon you want.  Once your print and redeem that coupon, you get credit with swagbucks.  We all know I use alot of coupons, I earned 130 sb in one trip!    This could NOT be easier.  See how many swagbucks I have on my Swidget?  I only need 450 to get a Amazon Gift Card.  It does not take long to earn at all, as long as you are printing coupons, searching, and getting referrals.   Last year I shopped for free on Amazon for my kids Christmas presents.  Please check it out!!  Click  HERE to join,  or click the swidget.  Its not hard at all, if I can do this, then you can to.  If it wasn't legit, I wouldn't promote at all, I don't do anything that is going to waste my time.

Don't wait!  Do it now!

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