Friday, April 1, 2011

I guess common sense and humility has left the building.

Wow, what a interesting day.   I can't believe a few of the things I witnessed  today, it really makes me cringe about the way people act in public.

I'll start at the beginning.  I started the day out good, I was able to score tickets  to see a certain Disney star that my girls will just die when they actually find out about it.  I'm really excited to tell them, trying to think of a great way to tell them so they will be surprised, maybe wave my 'Wizard wand' and make them just appear? LOL

After that, I went and picked up my friend for our weekly grocery shopping trip, we always go to Shoprite  together, find the deals, share our coupons, and have a good time.   The first thing that happens is when we get out of our vehicle, there is a woman leaving the store, and it appeared she was yelling across the parking lot.  She's screaming, "I'm so F-ing Mad!........ At my mom!!!...... Cuz she's a B***H!....... I don't know... It's just Fed up!...."  Then I realize she has a blue tooth and she's actually on her phone, shouting for all of Eastern Connecticut to hear.  I yelled loudly, "UH REALLY?"  Thank Goodness it was a school day and there weren't any impressionable ears around to  hear this garbage.  

I had a great shopping trip, aside from all the rude people up and down the isles.  There was actually one lady that knocked a few things off the shelf and instead of reaching down to pick them up, she just kicked them  away from her.   Wow.  I was standing right there, if she needed help bending down I would have helped her.  Instead, I just went behind her and picked up the items and put them on a shelf.   She had a FULL cart of stuff, and said to her companion "Do you want a bag of chips or something for yourself?" He in turn announced loudly, "NO!  I don't want anything, I want to leave!"   Wowwwwww.

So then I cashed out.  I actually made out really well.  I had $9 in dollar days certificates, plus a $2 cat to use on my final order, that was a total of $11 off my final order.  I also had a BOGO on Pretzel Crisps,  and get a free hummus with  the purchase of 2, so for 2.49 I got 2 bags of pretzel crisps and a hummus.   I got a free cereal container with the purchase of 3 cereals, AND a free gallon of milk.  Cereals were marked down to 1.99 and of course I had coupons for all of them, that was a great deal.   I got 4 cans of Starkist tuna, and only paid for 2 of them after coupons.   Green Giant box veggies were marked down to .99, I got 2 of them free after coupons and I paid .66 each for the following 6 after coupons.  Dove Ice cream bars were .99 each after coupons.  I had some other misc coupons, for a great trip.  I only spent $57 after saving over $97 or so.  I watched my bill go down from $117 to $57 after store sales and coupons.   One of my best trips.  

As I'm leaving, I decided to use my free milk cat, and decided all the other lines were long, so I went to the self checkout, and of course, my coupon got stuck. Ugh.  As the kid is helping me getting it straight, and we wait for the manager. I hear someone yelling  across the store, it was a teenage girl yelling at her mother.  I can't even remember exactly what she was yelling, but yes, of course, there were obscenities  included in her rant.  MY GOD.  The kid working looks at me and says, 'Wow, what a mouth on that one!'.  He must see it all working there. Especially on the first of the month, when all the folks who get their checks go shopping.   That makes 2 people with no  courtesy for anyone around them.

On the way home we decided to stop at Panera, as I was really having a craving for their clam chowder, its a cold rainy day and that is like a comfort food to me.  I'm remember that I went in last week on Thursday to get it, and they told me they only have it on Fridays. Well today is Friday!  Imagine my dismay when I walk in and don't see it on the menu!!!  I told the girl, "I was dying for a cup of clam chowder, but I don't see it!!!" She said she was sorry, someone dropped the wrong soup today and so they had to have that one instead.  I said to her "I'm not happy!" (I was joking with her).  I ended up with French onion.  Not what I wanted, but it was still good.  And add to that their Panera rewards thing isn't working today, so I couldn't claim my free whatever it was today either.  I think it was an espresso or something.  Could have used that. LOL  

As I'm walking out of Panera, my phone rings and its my husband, telling me there was a phone call on the answering machine from the middle school principal, he had my daughter in his office.  Something about a cell phone in school??  UH, she doesn't HAVE a cell phone!  So I called him back and he told me she got caught in the bathroom with a bunch of other girls, watching videos on her camera phone, and phones were against school policy.  I assured him it was NOT a cell phone, she doesn't have one, it was simply a digi cam that had a video option on it.   He said he would send it home with her, and I promised him she wouldn't bring it to school again, blah blah blah.   (I didn't know cameras weren't allowed in school?? Phones I get, but a camera?)  She had to sit in his office, get a lecture, and another one when she got home.  I was thoroughly mortified, as this is my 'good' child. I would have never ever expected a phone call home about her.  Sam sure, Cameron, yes that's a given. But not Meghan.  She's such a goody goody! LOL  A play by the rules kind of girl, she'd never be the one to warrant a phone call home. 

One the way home, we stopped at the gas station that was giving away free coffee today, so  we stopped for it.  That made my day so much better, and was certainly a high light.  And my friend doesn't drink coffee, so she gave me hers.   I have great friends.

So there ya have it, Great, weird, bad, and free all rolled into 1 day!  What a strange day! LOL

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