Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Snow day!

Okay this is nuts!  I've had it, I'm done, packing my bags and moving someplace warm.  Warm? Oh yeah there is no place in the US warm to move to! LOL  Crazy weather!

I'll have some pictures to post later,  but this is the 4th snow day in 2 weeks.  Last week the kids were in school for 2 full days, and this week isn't looking good either.   The weathermen are reporting that this is the 'snowiest January on record', then corrected themselves to say, 'this is the snowiest MONTH on record'.  Oh joy, aren't we just the luckiest??

I am going out of my mind here, I need a new mind set.  The kids came home from school early yesterday, due to a 'sudden storm' the weathermen knew about but didn't think we were gonna get.  And even that it would probably only drop a dusting, and it dropped about 5 inches, just crazy!  It was really coming down there for a while! 

Of course the kids are thrilled, but at this point, we will probably be in school until July.  Its just not pretty anymore, its a nuisance. When the state is pretty much shut down and you can't go anywhere, the snow just not fun anymore. There is only so much indoor activity you can entertain your kids with before it gets to the point where you are just going stir crazy!!

I need some sun! I need sunny beaches, a drink with an umbrella,  sunglasses, a bathing suit, a beach chair, and my kids digging in the sand instead of helping me shovel out the driveway.

Off I go to help hubby shovel the driveway as he tells me what I'm currently doing is NOT priority, and not important, so I suppose I need to go start shoveling.  This is the year we invest in a snow blower, REALLY.

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