Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sugar free, Fat free, and Flavor Free

The last time I went shopping, I  decided to buy ice cream, its basically the only treat my husband asks for.  He doesn't like the kinds I like, (chocolate, fudgie, nuts,  lots of stuff to chew on LOL) SO I  picked up a kind I thought he'd like, Cherry Vanilla with chocolate ribbons.  Turns out I didn't read the box well, its was sugar free, and fat free as well.  I was hoping he wouldn't notice, and he hasn't said anything to me, but the thing is almost empty.  I decided to finish it off and its awful!   Apparently sugar free, fat free also means flavor free! LOL

So have you bought anything that is sugar free, fat free, but still holds its flavor???  I'm trying really hard to cut back and I am losing weight, but  I have a hard time with 'diet' stuff.  What things do you like?

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