Monday, January 24, 2011

I spent .92 at the Grocery store.

I went to Shoprite on Saturday and I only spent .92, YES, only .92!!!!!  And I bought 5 items.

I bought 2 bottles of International Delights coffee creamer. (I can NOT pass up a deal on coffee cream, I'll never use milk and sugar again LOL)   They were on sale this week for .99, and I had two .55 coupons that doubled to  make them FREE.  Shoprite doesn't do overages, so I only got .44 on the double, but I'll take it!

I got 2 boxes of Tornados.  I had  two .75 off coupons that also doubled to 1.50.  The Tornados were 1.99 each, so after coupon I paid .49 each for them.

Then I got a can of Maxwell House coffee.  We needed coffee, and 1.99 is a great price.  I didn't have any coupons for that, however, I had a $2 OYNO from a previous deal, so I decided to use that on my coffee.

Then I got .05 for bringing my own bag.  I handed the cashier $1 and got .08 change. 

Beat that Extreme Couponers!  LOL

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