Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great New Year's eve and Day.   I have lots of hopes for this new year,  and my biggest resolution is to get out of debt!  Pay off as much as we can and live more comfortably this year.   My second of course, is to lose another 10-20 lbs.  We'll see!

Every year we say we are gonna  do some work on our house, we never get to it.  Well, this year I'm going to do it! LOL   We have some bedroom  furniture down in our basement I bought on Craig's List last summer  that we never did anything with.   First we need to paint our bedroom before we can bring it up.  Here is the dilemma, what color should we paint it???  The furniture is dark, like a cherry wood, so we need a light color on the walls.  Not pink or white.  The walls are currently light blue.  My husband wants yellow, ick!   I like yellow, but not for this room. 

What ideas do you have for me??

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