Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coupon overload!

So as the resident coupon queen here in town, everyone knows to come to me for coupon advice. LOL

One of the questions I'm asked most often is, "Where do you get all those coupons?"  I'm gonna break it down for ya!

Of course the easiest place to get coupons is your Sunday paper.   There are several different scenarios to getting those.  Firstly, if you would rather not pay for a paper, you can just get the Sunday edition. And if you don't want to do that, sometimes you can  get the paper on Monday at a discount, if the store happens to have some leftover. If you would rather not do that, you can just ask people to save theirs  for you if they don't use them. 

You can also 'like' some facebook pages for your favorite product.  Alot of times coupons are released on their pages and you can print them right from there.  This is a good way to get coupons for items you don't ordinarily see elsewhere, such as coffeemate.

If you want to print coupons, these are my favorite sites to check.

The thing about is, you can print Target store coupons, but they also have Manufacturer coupons on there too.  And at Target, you can stack a Store coupon with a Manufacturer coupon  for maximum savings.

If you are signed up for Swagbucks, you can also print via through Swagbucks, and you get 1 swagbuck for each coupon you print and redeem.  Win/Win. LOL

And because I'm frugal,  LOL  I only print my coupons in black ink.  I save my color ink since its more expensive, and  its gets wasted more often with coupon printing.  And save a tree!  Print your coupons on the blank backsides of papers you don't need!  The stores don't care, as long as it has a bar code and scans, you are good to go.

After you spend all that time clipping and printing your coupons, you will want to organize them.   Read this post here about some organization methods and the best way to maximize your coupon savings.

My advice, start out small.  Coupon clipping can get overwhelming  if you are new at it.  The next time you shop, pick out a few items that you know you will buy and make sure you have a coupon for it.   Once you get into this more and more, you'll see your grocery bill go down and that will be more incentive to keep it up as often as you can.    Coupon clipping becomes a lifestyle, not a habit.

ETA:  As pointed out to me by one of my friends, I forgot one of the best coupon sites, the ones you don't have to clip.  Simple; all you do is put in your store card number, and the coupons load right onto your card.  They come off after you buy the item and scan your store card.  What could be easier???

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